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Xiamen SpacegenCo., Ltd., integrating R & D, production, sales and advisory services, is dedicated to providing the most innovative products and services for cancer, genetic diseases and other personalized precision medical testing.We provide the products with total solution for early screening, disease diagnosis, personalized drug selection and efficacy monitoring of treatment. 


Spacegen has a very professional R&D team and is equipped with next generation sequencing platform, real time PCR platform, digital PCR platform, nucleicacid mass spectrometry platform. Thirty-two products have been developed based on the above platforms. Seventeen domestic invention patents and one international invention PCT patent have been submitted. Besides, Spcegen’s core technology RingCap? has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Spacegen covers an area of  3500 ㎡GMP-compliant manufacturing plant,2000㎡R&D/QC lab . Spacegen has received EN ISO 13485 certification for medical device quality management. Eleven  products have been achieved CE certification including Human Oncology Multi-Gene Mutations Detection Kit, Human BRCA1/2 Gene MutationsDetection Kit, Human EGFR Gene Mutations DetectionKitHuman K-ras Gene Mutations Detection Kit ,Human B-raf Gene Mutation Detection Kit,Human Pharmacogenomics SNP Detection Kit,Cardiotoxicity Prediction Of Breast Cancer Detection Kit,Human Radiotherapeutic Side Effect-Related Gene SNP Detection Kit,Human MGMT Gene Methylation Detection Kit and Human EGFR Gene T790M Mutation Detection Kit .CE certifications for  more products are been applied now. 

Spacegen adheres to the business philosophy of ”Quality first, credibility focused, management oriented, service centered”, and abides by the corporate culture of "giving each patient accurate diagnosis and effective treatment!".Spacegen commits to becoming a pioneer enterprise in personalized precision medical industry and strives for the cause of human health by providing the majority of medical workers and patients with professional, high-quality precision medical solutions.


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