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Human EGFR Gene Mutations Detection Kit

Human EGFR Gene Mutations Detection Kit

Real Time PCR

CE-IVD Certificate no.:No.MDD-SZ-XW-160321 

Individualized targeted therapy: Using new methods of molecular analysis, to help doctors and patients choose the most effective drugs, and to better control the disease progression according to the patient's genetic characteristics, thus to develop a suitable personalized therapy.

EGFR is a transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase, which could be activated by anto phosphorylation upon ligand binding, the activation of EGFR contributes to promote cancer cell proliferation and relevant signal transduction significantly.The status of EGFR gene mutation is the most important factor for predicting EGFR-TKI efficacy, which is the prerequisite for determining whether the EGFR-TKI therapy is suitable for the specific patients.

Detection Items

GeneGene StatusDrug Indications

exon 18,19,21




The first /second generation of

EGFR-TKI drugs:

Gifetini (Iressa)



Afatinib( Gilotrif)


exon 20 mutation



Performance Parameter

Product Name Technology Product Specification Matched InstrumentSample Type

Human EGFR Gene 

Mutations Detection Kit


10 tests/kit

20 tests/kit,



ABI7500 etc.

tumor tissue slice,

ct DNA,

pleural effusion

Detection Signification

The detection results of exon 20 insert mutation in EGFR can be used to predict the patient’s drug resistance to kinase inhibitors.

EGFR was usually founded in epithelium, and EGFR overexpression has been associated with anumber of cancers intimately. The activating mutation status of EGFR is a kay factor for selecting suitable treatments for patients with lung cancer.

Detection Highlights

Easy operation: One-step operation. 90 minutes of the whole process.

High Sensitivity: Accurate detection of single copies of mutated DNA samples as little as10ng genome.

Good Reproducibility: Can be performed in the general PCR Labs. Results with good reproducibility can be easily obtained without special training.

Advanced Technology: R&D based on independent patented PAP-ARMS technology.

Detection Process

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